Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Jill Rigoli Came to Teach!

Jill Rigoli was here last weekend and we played with Laurel Burch canvases!  So much fun.

Everyone had a different canvas and Jill's ideas were spectacular.

There were Fanciful Fish

Indigo Horses

Beautiful Lotus

Moroccan Mares

Rainbow Woman

The Swan Goddess

Everyone worked so hard concentrating on new stitches.  Linda now has 3 canvases in her rotation.  We told her we had no sympathy until she needed a spreadsheet to track them all.  Sorry Linda, I couldn't resist :-)

Jill is a patient teacher who loves sharing with you why she chooses the stitches she does how to execute them.  She also loves all the embellishments we stock.  So fun!  Can't wait until next time.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Gadgets, Gizmos & Great Inventions Part Deux

You may remember me posting about our fun new Gadget club.  Well, its a sell out!!!

The first shipments go out at the end of this month to the lucky ones who signed up early.  There's been enough  interest that we're going to do a second run!!  Sign up now so you don't miss out.  There won't be a third group.

Nine months of cool gadgets, gizmos and must have stitching accoutrements.
These are my must-have tools of the trade. Yes, we can buy every gadget that comes out, but some truly are better, more useful than others. These are the best of the best. The ones I really use. I’m not a gadget girl so it had to work hard to make my list. Some are new, some you have seen before.  Even if you’ve seen them you won’t mind having a second for your stitching bag.
And speaking of stitching bags, wait until you see the limited edition tool bag perfect for toting your tools. Each month you will receive a curated group of tools that you will love. Stitchy Things, Clippy Things, Picky Things and more.
I can't reveal what's in each shipment.  What fun would that be?
I can tell you that some products are new on the market, some are ones I am developing, some are old tried and true.  If you aren't up for the adventure, you can wait until the party is over and order individual items separately if they are still available.  Some are limited edition.  You know I love limited editions.
Club starts December 2015 
Non-refundable enrollment fee is $52.00  Pay $52 each month plus shipping for the monthly collection of great inventions.  Club lasts nine months.

Honeybee Alert:  If you are a honeybee, the enrollment fee for the club is only $26!  A gift to you, my honeybees!
Give us a call at 410.296.0405 to sign up or sign up online here.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Zecca Retreat 2015

Join us October 10 & 11 at Bedecked and Beadazzled for our second designer retreat.  This is our favorite event of the year!!

Karen Hennessey of Zecca fame will be here for the weekend to stitch a brand new project she designed just for us.  We had a great time last year at the retreat so decided to do it again!

Here's the plan....  Karen designed a canvas that is whimsical and fun. I am planning the stitches, thread and embellishments.  Oh the ideas I have!!  

You know Zecca and I are both a little unpredictable and so is this canvas. Could you have guessed this would be what we picked?

This will be a stitch in, not a formal class.  I'll be stitching with you as will Karen. 

Canvas, threads, stretcher bars, embellishments and stitchguide all will be provided.  We will spend two days stitching, hanging out, gabbing, giggling and having a grand time together.  

11-5 Saturday and Sunday, October 10 & 11.

The price per person for all of this including lunches and dessert is approximately $850.00 

Hope you can make it.  Space is filling up fast!

Call us to sign up, or register on line.
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