Friday, September 12, 2014

Gizmos and Gadgets

You know I love a gadget or a gizmo.

Just in we have new needle cases!  We haven't had cool needle cases in a long time.  Now we have fun blingy needle cases!

All cases are magnetized and have a pretty crystal charm on the front.  You know I love bling.

Call us and let us know which you would like or order on line here.

We also have combination cases that are magnetized on one side and have a sticky bead mat on the other. These are also available in all sorts of fun blingy-ness.  Here's the link for ordering these.

As long as we are on the subject of beads......  We have super cool new beading needle threaders.  I generally find needle threaders a challenge.  Too many moving parts.  But, there are days when the thread just won't go in a beading needle and for those days I love my beading needle threaders.  They have a little wire loop that you can insert in the needle, put the thread in the loop and voilá the needle is threaded.  The wire is crimped into the plastic holder nice and secure!  Each pack has two threaders in a little vinyl sleeve to keep them neat and tidy.  You know I aim for tidy.

You can order here.

That's my gizmo and gadget report for today.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Fall Furries

Oooh.  Our playful squirrel is complete.  Love him!!

Thank you Sandra Vargas for such a fun design to stitch.

Today was the final class of this mystery.  We stitched all the fun little details that really brought the piece to life.

We embellished and embellished some more.  Not too much of any one thing to get bored.  We know my attention span.

Acorns with beaded caps and berries with leaves.......

The dragonfly has always reminded me of a piece of jewelry.  It is now embellished to look like a piece of jewelry.  Crystals and pearls are never a bad idea.

Maybe one day there will be a companion to our Playful Squirrel.  He needs a playmate, don't you think?

In the second lesson of this mystery we stitched the background.  The stitch is a blackwork pattern that allowed the beautiful painting to show through. You could stitch it totally randomly as I did, or create an all over pattern as Carol did.  Works both ways.  Thanks for sharing Carol.

My brain is already on the next project.  The haunted house mystery that starts in two weeks.  The wheels are turning on this one.  Gotta keep changing it up.

It's not too late to join the fun.  Give us a call and we'll sign you up.

While I was teaching today and shipping boxes of canvases to shops, the Dallas cash and carry tradeshow was in full swing.  This year's theme was Stitcher's in Wonderland.  Megan was manning my room and saying hi to all the shop owners for me.

Here she is with Caroline from Carol Eix Designs (wait until you see the snap tray Carol designed for the Halloween mystery.  I love it. )  These are two of the cutest Alices in Wonderland you will ever meet.  Carol Eix was next door to our room so I'm sure they were all having lots of fun.
Love you all



Friday, September 05, 2014

Calling all Flower Children

Remember that mermaid monster I posted a few weeks ago?  Here's the second in the brand new series from our own run!  Hippie Monster!

These are friendly little monsters, sort of stuffed creatures to make you smile.  This is the first in the series ready to brighten your days at the beach.

I love her button eyes.  She's a petite 4.5 x 6.5 stitch painted on 18ct and complete with a stitch guide. 

You can order her here, or by calling us at 410.296.0405.

Stay tuned, there are more monsters in our future.
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