Saturday, October 14, 2006

More Needlepoint Publicity

I can't believe it! Just last week I posted the full page feature from Lucky Magazine that confirms what we already knew that Needlepoint is hip.

And then this week in my inbox is a notice from daily candy. If you don't know about daily candy it is very cool website ( that posts daily news on the following topics: fashion, food & drink, beauty, arts & culture, fun, services and home. All this news can be emailed to you. Different topics different days. What's even cooler is that there are versions for many big cities giving you tips on what's cool in a certain city.

Okay, so back to topic - the email from Daily Candy. it was promoting AMH Design which is a needlepoint line of photo albums etc.

I particularly liked their take on needlepoint which reads:

"If you counted all the minutes in a day during which you do absolutely nothing, they’d definitely add up.

Why, yesterday alone you spent six minnies waiting for the valet, half an hour in line at the post office, and twenty long ones in a paper gown standing by for Dr. Delayed.

Put that time to good use with a needlepoint kit from AMH Design. Far from granny-style eyeglass cases and pillows, the kits will have you needling and threading your way to contemporary photo albums and journals.

Choose from designs like Rio (a funky red, purple, and white pattern with an initial), Rome (squares and crosses in ecru, orange, and green), and London (multicolored stripes with an initial).

Not only will you create a keepsake, but you’ll also be relieving stress (consider it therapy) and losing weight (no hands to shovel food into your piehole).

In which case, time really will be on your side."

So perhaps the tide is turning and we are finally getting others to see what we already knew. Needlepoint is becoming trendy!

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