Sunday, November 12, 2006

Make it Work in Real Life

As I mentioned in my last post, sometimes you just have to make it work.

I have a series of beautiful cat canvases that we designed several years ago and have now finally decided it was time to stitch at least one of them. I had the orange cat with tullips almost completely finished and then I decided I didn't like the flowerpot. In my mind it was to be a very subtle gradation from shades of purple to pink and back again.

Well, that was in my mind. In reality it is striped.

It's much too busy, it's all you see when you look at the canvas. Not the beautiful cat or the tulips or the floor. So, now to make it work. I could rip the entire thing out and shade it mathematically with several strands of silk. Working with 4 strands of one color for a few rows and then moving to 3 strands of the same color plus one of the next and so on. But, I'm really lazy when it comes to ripping out stitching.

So, I need to consider another option. This is a chance for creativity, right? What if I overstitch the entire pot in a larger pattern stitch? In theory that color will blend it all together.

Well, let me say that was a theory only. I tried it. I used a single strand of Sparkle Braid in a large stitch and now it is just as busy and sparkly. The Sparkle Braid wasn't the answer as it is a little too thick for this and slightly rough, so it doesn't necessarily lay even all the time when it is being used over a field of Trebizond Tent Stitches. What was I thinking using Trebizond and hoping it would shade?

Okay, more creativity. This is actually fun. It's empowering to just go with it. I'm off to try something else. I'll show you the results soon.

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