Monday, October 02, 2006

Hipster Needlepoint

Could it be! A major fashion magazine has admitted that needlepoint is cool!

The one thing that rivals my interest in needlepoint is shopping. So, yes, I read Shop etc. and Lucky and a local Baltimore based magazine on shopping, Paperdoll. Don't even go there, if you know anything about Baltimore it is not hip and cool and fashionable, but we're trying and according to the magazine doing a pretty good job.

So, here I am, reading the October issue of Lucky Magazine and right there on page 44 is a full page devoted to needlepoint.

trend in the making....
hipster needlepoint

"Up until now, this kind of traditional stitching has come off as either granny-ish or preppily twee, so we were pleasantly surprised to spot these nw, incredibly cool iterations trickling into the market. From an unconventional ottoman to a fresh take on the cocktail ring, these are all subtly subversive - though they still maintain an excellent touch of old-world, folksy charm."

That's a pretty glowing review. And it looks like some of what they show and call needlepoint is actually needlepoint! One piece is cross stitch and one that they call cross stitch is needlepoint, but at least they are trying.

The featured photo is a cross stitch sampler by London-based Kate Westerholt - Ghetto Fabulous. They refer to it as "giving an 18th-century art form a hilarious pop-culture makeover -- the results are brilliant."

Maybe there is hope that others will recognize what we've always known. Needlepoint is Cool!

Until next time.
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