Sunday, February 25, 2007

It's coming along

It's been a couple of weeks since I posted and the store is really coming along! I hope you will all come visit. It's going to be unlike any other needlepoint store that I've seen. It will be me. It will be bright and sunny and filled with lots of color!

Thread display racks are being built and the canvas display boards will be here this week. Tables and chairs arrive the next week and then the sales counter. That's the last thing to come, but as soon as it's here and the electricians are finished we can open.

I will post pictures as soon as there is something to take a picture of, but for now all I will say is think slightly funky, slightly soho, slightly Paris. Sounds cool to me. :-) Thanks for your support, and again I look forward to meeting you all.


Susan said...

Wow! It really is coming along...I have to wear something fabulous to the opening...I can't wait!!!

Jane/Chilly Hollow said...

Ruth, this is exciting. Can't wait to hear you are open and see photos.

Jane/Chilly Hollow

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