Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Maryland is for Crabs

I admit it. I love steamed crabs. I actually love anything crab. Which is perhaps why I can't decide which of the 5 crab frameweights is my favorite.

Since I love crabs, Old Bay Seasoning is a very important part of my world. I grew up on this stuff. If it's not available in your part of the world you really need to find some. It's a mixture of spices (maybe a little too much salt to be healthy) but boy is it good on steamed crabs, steamed shrimp, crab cakes you get the idea.

It comes packaged in a metal can just like pepper - so it's square.

Now, imagine that grown up and stitchpainted on 13ct canvas. What could make a cuter summer purse for going to picnics and just hanging around.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Exclusive Crab Frame Weights

I admit it. I went a little overboard creating exclusive designs to introduce at the American Needlepoint Guild seminar. I just couldn't stop myself. This is something I always thought would be fun to do and I was right. So watch for many more exclusive designs to come not only in the next few days but as time rolls on. Periodically I will design something just for you that won't be available in any other shops. How cool is that?

Allow me to introduce you to my family of crab frame weights. I worked with Gail Hendrix of Squiggee designs to develop these cutie pies. She did all the hard work, I just told her we needed a crab frame weight. Well, one became two, became three, became four, became five exclusive too cute for words crab frame weights. Each one is perfectly stitch painted on 13ct mono so they stitch in a flash. You can applique them to a tote or a jacket or do as we have done and finish them as frame weights. I can't tell you who is my favorite as I love them all!

We have all of our trunk shows in stock. I think there were 10 at last count. There are canvases everywhere. It's an amazing sight.

If you do not live locally, and are coming to seminar we do hope that you will come visit and see what makes our store different. For one week from August 25th throug the 31st we will be running shuttles to and from the host hotel.

For my local ladies, if you are planning on using our shuttle to get to seminar for the day please send me an email ( so that we can confirm your spot. There are very few spaces left.

Thanks for listening to my chatter. See you in Balamer, Hon!
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