Sunday, May 06, 2007

ANG National Seminar is coming to Baltimore!

I am so excited! ANG Seminar is coming to Baltimore this August. This means we may actually get to meet in person! I love meeting other stitchers and sharing ideas. There's so much fun stuff to learn.

We are working with many major designers to develop new designs exclusive only to our shop. This is the fun stuff.! New designs, many with stitch guides designed to remind you of your visit to Baltimore. Of course I am working on new exclusive designs too !

Even if it isn't an exclusive design there will be many new designs unveiled at our shop. Be the first to see them. How cool is that?

I'm working on shuttle schedules now. That should make everyone's life easier getting around town. We are a half hour from the seminar hotel. I'll keep you posted through this blog and my website about the specific details. Just know for now it's all in the works. We want this to be a fun and memorable trip for everyone.

See you soon.

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