Monday, February 04, 2008

Stitch Box by Raymond Crawford

Talk about a treasure box! Raymond Crawford designed this happy canvas for all of us stitching fiends. It was great fun to stitch in all of it's Lily Pulitzer colors - pinks, yellows, lime and just a touch of purple.

I went to town using a variety of different stitches and threads. There's a bone ring covered in buttonhole stitch and a real skein of floss appliqued to the canvas. Buttons and cool crescent stitches really bring it to life.

The stitched canvas is 6 x 6 but I enlarged the design area making a bold statement. The box is custom built and approximately 14" square on top. It's big enough to hold all of your stitching treasures. I could have used an HP lacquer box and it would have been equally striking but I had this vision. (There's my downfall - the vision of how cool it could be!)

Now to decide where to display it...

1 comment:

NCPat said...

Very creative stitching and your finishing is gorgeous!

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