Monday, March 24, 2008

When In Doubt.... Dots!

Another project stitched and off to the finisher. This is the large version of my santa with stars ornament. I knew I wanted him to be a stand up Christmas present type of box but that's really all I knew.

I also knew I wanted to stitch him differently than the ornament. So, after months of brain gridlock he is finally finished. He was all stitched and ready to go when I thought he needed something. Something silly. Something that would add - yes more color. Never enough color in my world. I apparently don't do subdued well.

So, the question was what to add? I could add button stars and that would be okay but no, it had to be more whimsical. I have these great pink and yellow sequins in a variety of sizes. They were perfect! Now its snowing dots on santa. How cool is that?

Somehow, I think dots are the answer to everything. :-) Happy Stitching.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

If you can dream it.....

If you can dream it, we can probably build it. :-) Michael Stoebner is one of the artists that I represent. His designs are positively enchanting. I want to stitch them all!

The beauty of the plan is that there is usually someone you can team up with and make the magic happen. I started stitching the reindeer on skis on a whim. He's cute. What more can I say. From there I started dreaming of a ski jump. Well, the magic happened.

Sharon Hall of Mountain Shadow Studios built him a ski jump with a wonderful spring to make him jiggle and jump. Now I have visions of all kinds of canvases mounted and jiggling. Maybe it was too much jello as a child. No that can't be true jello wasn't my favorite. Who knows. It's a fun idea and it worked.

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