Monday, May 12, 2008

River Silks

What a great class. Last Wednesday Jean and Paul Krynicki of River Silks came to the shop to teach a mini how to. What fun we had!

They started at the beginning, and taught us how to thread a needle, how to anchor your ribbon to the canvas for stitching and how to do all kinds of fun stitches. You really can stitch with as long of a piece of river silks ribbon a you want to. It doesn't run or snag or do anything else awful!

We have a few of their models in the store and they are more impressive in person than on the website. Flower Fish by john johansen (melissa shirley designs) is amazing.

There are also some landscapes that look so real in ribbons. Achieving the same depth in traditional stitching would require so much more effort.

Ribbons stitch fast and give great results. We have lots of the river silks samples kitted and ready to roll, so if you want to give it a try, nows the time.

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