Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Favorite Things Ornament #2

Last Fall I decided to turn my Baltimore Crab into the first of a new series of ornaments. This isn't a club its a collection. The idea is that it is simply things that I like — My Favorite Things.

Each year I will do a new ornament. They will be in no particular order, just whatever speaks to me that year. Ultimately they will all go together because of color and style but they are also ornaments you can do just because. The 2008 ornament is Stitch. It is after all what we love to do. :-) It's a quick stitch and would look great on a needlepoint tree or appliqued to your stitching tote.

The orange background pattern is a dream to stitch. Long stitches top to bottom of Petite Sparkle Rays with Cross Stitches embellishing it (and holding it in place) of Impressions. Love the look! Oh and wait until you see my crazy idea for making the stitching thread. Threads and beads and it looks like a twisted thread. Well it does if I have my glasses on.

Okay, enough banter. Off to finish something else. I'm on a roll!


miss pea said...

I love this piece. I am a traditional needlepointer so I am dazzled by the array of stitches and threads but a bit afraid to embark without guidance. Do you have this pattern and stitch guide available?

Ruth Schmuff said...

Yes, the canvas along with guide are available exclusively through my shop Bedecked and Beadazzled. You may visit us online at click on needlepoint and then on exclusive designs. enjoy

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