Sunday, June 22, 2008


It really is amazing when you look at our tradeshow booth how much stuff we have designed and developed over the past 5 years. The painted canvas line started in 2003, so it really hasn't been that long that I have been working with great artists to bring their illustrations to needlepoint.

Of course for me the magic is not only the painted canvas but doing what you love to do, stitching it. Just like you, there are some canvases that I look at and know immediately how I want to translate them or what i want to finish them as. Others, I just love the art. There are so many new designs that I want to stitch. Now to find the time!!!

I thought you might enjoy seeing pictures of what our booth looks like at a typical TNNA show. It is a little over the top and filled with needlepoint magic, and this is just half of it. There are some canvases and models that no longer travel to shows, we just don't have the space. I bring the newest and most dramatic to each show. We always want to keep it fresh.

Missy is my right hand and always by my side at the shows. Okay, she's in the booth all the time. I'm there some of the time, as the rest of the time, I'm running around seeing what's new and buying for Bedecked.There's a lot to do in 2 and a half short days. But it is fun.

Until next time.

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