Monday, August 25, 2008

Peppermint Stick Santa

OMG, he is just too cool. I am stitching this santa now. He should be complete in a week or two ready for me to show him off stitched.

Let me say, if you have ever wanted to stitch this santa, now is the time. I'm writing the stitch guide as I go and he is just yummy. Lots of metallics and fun threads. He looks delicate and sugar coated, oh and did I mention crystalized. So far he only has 60 swarovski crystals sewn on. That's not so many. More to follow.

You know the deal, if I stitch it, you get the stitch guide for free :-) Just a little thank you. And yes, of course we will do thread and bead kits. Just say the word.

Got to get back to stitching so I can show him to you finished!

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