Thursday, March 26, 2009

Think Outside the Box

I've said before that you meet the nicest people in a needlepoint store.... You also meet some very talented people :-)

Shortly after opening the shop I met a stitcher who truly pushes the envelope. Cara Sue doesn't follow traditional philosophies of what needlepoint should look like. She follows her heart. There are few counted recognizable stitches in her work. She leans more toward surface embroidery on canvas, crossing almost into stumpwork.

She begins with a painted canvas and allows it to speak to her, telling her what areas need to come forward and which need to recede. From there she sometimes cuts holes in the canvas finishing the edges much as you would Hardanger.

In this piece she not only cut holes but added dimensional details. The canvas is a handpainted piece by Patti Mann.

It's not important whether you like the piece or not, only that you see it for what it is. The work of a needle artist thinking outside the box.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

How Cute Are These?

Sometimes all the parts of an idea just come together. Flash back to last Fall. We were planning introductions for the January market and we had these great Michael Stoebner designs. Wouldn't it be cute if they were more than just ornaments. What if they could sit and their little feet and legs could dangle over the edge of a shelf.

Thanks to the magic of one of my very special finishers these guys came to life. The canvases are small - ornament sized and after stitching are finished like a traditional standup with a a tiny weighted bottom.

Now for the magic, wire, ribbons and beads are used to create little legs that attach to their feet.

How Cute Is That?

Who knows, we may just need more of these little guys in our future.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Charm Bracelets

In previous posts you have learned that I love shoes. Yes, it's true. I love shoes. What's not to love. A new pair of shoes can always improve your day.

I also love charm bracelets. I had one when I was little and it never really went anywhere. Now I have 2 and jingle my way through many days. One is just all sorts of things that I love - there's cats, and a bee for bedecked and beadazzled, and a crab — I love crabs, and a handbag and a boot and some hearts. It's getting quite full.

The other bracelet has a charm for each of my boys (my cats) and those who have come and gone before.

Both are great heirlooms and so much fun to wear and to add to.

So, how does this relate to needlepoint? Well, we got to talking the other day and it was suggested that those fabulously preppy needlepoint belts for men are really charm bracelets for the man in your life. How cool is that? An icon for all the important things in the man's life. His job. His dog. His hobbies. His school. When viewed that way it suddenly seemed to be so right.

Not sure what would be on Karl's belt. Okay, he won't wear any belt so let's not go there, but you see the idea. The custom needlepoint belt as a charm bracelet for a man is a great analogy.
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