Thursday, March 26, 2009

Think Outside the Box

I've said before that you meet the nicest people in a needlepoint store.... You also meet some very talented people :-)

Shortly after opening the shop I met a stitcher who truly pushes the envelope. Cara Sue doesn't follow traditional philosophies of what needlepoint should look like. She follows her heart. There are few counted recognizable stitches in her work. She leans more toward surface embroidery on canvas, crossing almost into stumpwork.

She begins with a painted canvas and allows it to speak to her, telling her what areas need to come forward and which need to recede. From there she sometimes cuts holes in the canvas finishing the edges much as you would Hardanger.

In this piece she not only cut holes but added dimensional details. The canvas is a handpainted piece by Patti Mann.

It's not important whether you like the piece or not, only that you see it for what it is. The work of a needle artist thinking outside the box.


Judy said...

Go Cara Sue...and kudos to you Ruth for fostering creativity!

nuts about needlepoint said...

I saw this piece in your shop a few weeks ago and it left me speechless.(Which it tough to do!!!) I was in awe of the creativity and imagination that went into this work of art. I would love for Cara Sue to do a class on something like this. Please think about it.

sudu said...

Is this Patti Mann canvas the ones she paints from artist Mike Savage?

beth rabin said...

Carasue's work is spectacular. She uses the canvas as the inspiration for her creativity. She is not limited to the count or the painting. She has the courage to make the canvas her own expression through her stitchery and her version. Bravo!!!

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