Thursday, May 28, 2009

Meet Lola!

You have to understand, I'm a gemini. Once you know that, I sort of make more sense. Everything is black or white. No gray.

Unfortunately, I tend to like both black and white. I like opposites, I like contrast.

It makes for an interesting life.

I think there are 2 people inside my head. The good thing is that they don't fight often. So, in honor of my second personality I have created Lola.

Lola is fearless and flamboyant and frivolous. All the things I am not.

Okay, maybe I'm frivolous, but you get the idea.

Lola wears boxes on her head and thinks they are haute couture. Lola can balance them and walk down stairs. How cool is that? Again, another skill I don't possess.

Most importantly, Lola is fun to stitch! She will charm and delight you through the process, all the way down to the sequins scattered in the background.

You know I love dots! Happy Stitching.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cats and Halloween

Now you know I had to stitch this canvas. It's Halloween, it's colorful and it has a cat on it. What more can I want?

This canvas really was crazy fun to stitch. Again, it's a Michael Stoebner canvas so we have significant black outlines. Don't let that scare you. There really isn't as much black as you think. The cat is random long stitch. Yes, random. Go for it. Just do it, you can't mess it up and he looks darling.

The background is also a random stitch. This is Brenda Hart's latest brilliance. Random cross hatching or chicken scratch in just a couple of light coverage overdyes and voila you have this oh so cool background that allows the beautiful painting to show through.

You know the rules. If I stitch it, a stitch guide automatically comes with the painted canvas from now on.

My Happy Halloween gift to you!

Happy Halloween

Michael Stoebner is an artist whose designs I translate into handpainted needlepoint. He's a very talented designer, licensing his designs to Department 56 (recognize that name?) amongst others including yours truly.

We have recently stitched two of Michael's halloween canvases, Witch Services and Happy Halloween.

Michele stitched Witch Services and really downplayed Michael's signature black outlines. She is so cute. Love the crazy sequins in the background. We used lots of fabulous overdyes to bring her to life but simplify the shading.

The background is a great openwork pattern. Long laid stitches tacked down with Cross Stitches. How easy is that.

More Halloween later. But first I have to see if our little witch as a magic potion for faster stitching.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Can we say O C D?

All together now, O C D. What is the one trait we all share that in other aspects of society may be a negative? Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

I spent last night frittering away hours selecting just the right tote bag to mount an almost finished piece of needlework too. Okay, I ended up with 4 bags and then the shopping cart cleared its little brain and I had to start over. Did that slow me up? No, I started over and picked some of the same and then oooh, I need that one for this canvas or maybe this one... hmmmmmm

So then this morning, I am desperately trying to finish stitching a model for market. It should have been done weeks ago. I'm beading snowflakes, beading more snowflakes, adding crystals. Now here's where it really is sick. I've almost used up the entire package of crystals, technically, I'm done and then O C D kicks in. Got to use up all the crystals. So, sew on some more crystals, and some more. Now technically, the piece is done, AGAIN. But wait, should I add more beads. There are still some blue crystals open. Oh my. I am sick.

Can't wait to show it to you when its back from the finisher!!!!

Have a happy Thursday.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there reading my blog. (This includes moms of four legged furry children too.) I hope each of you had a happy, restful day.

My mom is a wonderful woman and a great friend. She's partly responsible for what I do and I'm partially responsible for what she does. Mom who is a lovely stitcher and always has been, is now getting drawn into the land of classes with me. Oh what fun we have! I of course torment her during class and ask the teachers to challenge her. What are daughter's for?

She has taken several Brenda Hart classes and has gorgeous pieces to show for them. She took Libby Sturdy's teapot class a few weeks ago and is almost finished!

This gives me the chance to share with you pictures of the fun we had in our last class. So grab your mom and join us for a day of fun.

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