Monday, June 15, 2009

Columbus Day 2

Wow, where to begin. I was thinking last night. Trends.....

New threads, New colors but then here's the really funny trend. Lot's of designers did really fun new cats. I know, you are saying but you like cats and that's true, but there really were a lot of new fun whimsical cats. A couple of great dogs, but lots of cats.

The other trend was Orientals. Now you can't say you have already seen me designing a ton of Orientals and that's why I am noticing them. There really were some great geishas that I ordered.

I found 3 new designers whose work I am just crazy about. One is all Halloween and Christmas, need I say more. The other flies from one end of the spectrum to the other, traditional but with great colors!!! New and exciting. The third will be sendin us the cutest little needlepoint beach bag ornaments. Tiny little beach bags that stitch in no time and look like LL Bean bags. Got have thoe.

You have seen Zecca's checkerboard on the website, Yes, she now has a backgammon board. Complete with dice cups. I also found a table maker who will custom make an affordable game table should you be so inspired.

Leigh Designs has of course done it again. Her Guadalahara series is fabulous. Great colors and big bold flowers. I am seeing lots of great threads and textures!!!! She has also done mermaids. Sirens she calls them. Big gorgeous mermaids with flowing tails and hair. 6 different colors.

We will have cute little pre finished suede cosmetic bags coming in shortly. Each has a small insert ready for you to stitch. Flip them inside out, stitch and then tack the lining back in place. Great gift idea.

Speaking of affordable gift ideas. Check this out from Strictly Christmas. Go to your local big box or discount store. Buy a premade pillow and allow the finisher to simply applique or button a piece of needlepiont to the front. The handbag shows had a big gold buckle on the front. Stitch a little doo dah in a weekend off it goes with your handbag and the big gold buckle is replaced with a weighted needlepoint flap. How cool is that?

Jinice Designs is back on the market after a long absence. Her designs are classic. A simple line drawn canvas with a stitch guide that allows you to make a masterpiece affordably.

So much to do, so little time. I love it all.

More to follow. The show closes today so I only have a few more hours to shop. OH NO!!!!!

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