Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So Many Opinions

Wow, I seem to have hit a nerve with my last post. I've been reading other blogs and comments on mine and it's all very interesting.

We all have our favorite things about this hobby. We can all agree that we love it, love the colors, love the threads and for us no matter how we do it, it's relaxing. Some find relaxation in plain basketweave, others in fancy stitches, others in counted work, yet others in random surface embroidery on canvas. Yes, I did say random. :-) Sometimes it just depends on the day of the week what is relaxing.

So, as there are many different options for doing the craft, there are just as many options for who we as designers are trying to reach. We want to see this art continue.

I remember my very first piece of needlepoint. I took a summer class just after 6th grade and diligently finished a sampler. It was probably 14 x 14 on 13ct. Stitched in acrylic yarn in somewhat fancy stitches. It had a heart, a sailboat, a kite, my name in the middle and something else. Okay, I was bored then, but I was told that I had to do that or I couldn't do something that I liked better. A friend of mine points out that I could be the poster child for ADD. I admit to having the attention span of a gnat. I'm also not a good doodle cloth, practice stitcher kind of gal.

I did learn in that class so many years ago that I loved threads and wanted to play with them and that love never faded. I've tried all kinds of different things. Some experiments I decide are a bad plan and I will never do again. Bobbin lace falls in that category. Bobbin Lace isn't fast nor is it friendly for pick it up, put it down working.

So, back to topic..... We all know that the way to reach a certain group of stitchers is with a good design and a basic stitch. My point with the last post was simply how do we reach a different group of stitchers - the younger ladies who I see come into the shop. They are attracted to the fancy stuff, they want to learn, they want to complete the piece but wow what a pile of threads that they don't yet understand. For that one segment of future stitchers I offer to simply start writing my own stitch guides slightly differently, including a master list of threads and threads for a section at a time. If this allows the new stitcher (who may not be truly a new stitcher but may only be new to stitch guides) a moment to breathe that's a good thing.

I want to see this art continue and evolve. To do that we need a little of this and a little of that basketweave, fancy stitches, painted canvases, line drawn canvases, counted work. We need it all and more.


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~*Kayla*~ said...

Hi! I know I am rather late in commenting on this thread but I just recently stumbled across your blog (it is talked about constantly in our needlepoint group). I am 23 yrs old and started stitching when I was 18. I was introduced to needlepoint through my boyfriend's mom who opened a needlepoint shop here in Knoxville and once I picked out my first canvas I was hooked. One idea I had when working in the shop was to have a beginners class and to have the "patrons" of the shop invite younger ladies that were either family, neighbors or friends to an introduction class of sorts.
I absolutely LOVE the idea of breaking up the stitch guide into sections with what is needed for that one section instead of one big list. It would make the budget aspect not so...intimidating.
But I thought I would lend an idea. It seems that new stitchers (especially younger ones) are more willing to start something new when they know someone who is already involved and excited about having new, young stitchers.
P.S. Love the site!!

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