Sunday, August 30, 2009

The flowers are blooming

OOOH! I'm really pleased with how our flowers are blooming.

This week we added 2 flowers, the one on the right side of the canvas is the furthest in the distance. It needed a subtle pattern that wouldn't compete with the background or the rest of the flowers. It also needed the pretty shading to show through. Laid Filling Stitch to the rescue!

The daffodil on the left provided quite a challenge. I wanted it to be soft so that the center of the flower would be the star but I wanted the petals to separate from one another. Lots of experimenting later and I found the perfect combination of stitches. Both are very similar starting with a diamond grid but then are embellished differently. The addition of metallics and beads create the allusion that some petals come slightly forward while others recede.

The center of the flower is just too cute if I say so myself. I found wonderful mini trim at the last tradeshow that I am in love with! That combined with a field of folded ribbon roses gives the center of the flower the punch that it needs. Of course the addition of a Swarovski Margarita doesn't hurt :-)

I'm off to create more blooms and blossoms; we're almost there!


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Very pretty! I think you've done a great job collaborating with Melissa Shirley to create a canvas anyone would be proud to carry (or display).

Denise & Linda said...

Love the flowers. You did a beautiful job. Have to really get working to catch up with you. My husband even said that this is a beautiful piece and he never comments on anything.

Ruth Schmuff said...

I must be doing something right when non needlepointers (read husbands) notice :-)

glad you like the flowers, more to come.

jpowers said...

Love the colors

Front Range Stitcher said...

OMG, love those leaves! Fun, fun, fun.

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