Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mellow Yellow continues to grow

Mystery Class - Mellow Yellow part 2 was so much fun! We added leaves and stems this week.

The floral collage is developing into sort of a quilt-like design. I love the leaves, the polka dots on them are actually heshi shells! Perfect little flat white discs. The stems and leaves are stitched in River Silks Ribbon - Yum!

We also stitched the small flowers floating in the background. Petite Frosty Rays was the answer for these. Light and frothy and ethereal.

Now, I'm off to start stitching the next sections. What shall it be?


Denise & Linda said...

Nice job! It's fun watching you do this!


Ruth Schmuff said...

Hi: Another flower is blooming! And so quickly.

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