Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ready for Santa

Thanks to Mother Nature dropping 20 inches of snow on us yesterday I am semi-snowbound. Now, maybe if I had a 4 wheel drive car (santa are you listening?)or if I didn't live at the bottom of a hill that is also a dead end I might have gotten out today. Maybe tomorrow.

Good news is that I did get to play santa's elf and get a little more prepared for the fat man's visit.

I also got to revamp the blog so that I can add bigger pictures. Lets see what you think.

I used to be so over the top that I would move all the stuff that sits out all year long to the basement for the holidays and put out nothing but Christmas. That's a good plan, but time is getting the best of me so now, Christmas gets scattered in with the art pieces.

The peppermint santa fits in nicely with faux orchids.

Here's my village tree with a few gift boxes beneath it.

And a few more pretty gift boxes that mom stitched.

This is my favorite combination of ornaments on the tree this year. Hearts covered in swarovski crystals, my original santa ornament collection, crystal covered jingle bells and pink and green beaded garland. You knew it would be pink and green didn't you?

Isn't santa fun?

Last but not least is my stitching santa reminding me to get back to stitching. I have many stitches to finish before Christmas.

Happy Holidays to everyone.



Plays with Needles said...

Well, if you being snowbound means we get to see pics of your decorations and house then bring on more snow!!!

LOVE it all but that peppermint santa is worth breaking and entering for...

Like the bigger pics too. Merry Christmas Ruth!

Ruth Schmuff said...

I learned bigger pictures from you my friend.

Now, if there is breaking and entering we know where we are looking for santa.

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