Thursday, May 14, 2009

Can we say O C D?

All together now, O C D. What is the one trait we all share that in other aspects of society may be a negative? Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

I spent last night frittering away hours selecting just the right tote bag to mount an almost finished piece of needlework too. Okay, I ended up with 4 bags and then the shopping cart cleared its little brain and I had to start over. Did that slow me up? No, I started over and picked some of the same and then oooh, I need that one for this canvas or maybe this one... hmmmmmm

So then this morning, I am desperately trying to finish stitching a model for market. It should have been done weeks ago. I'm beading snowflakes, beading more snowflakes, adding crystals. Now here's where it really is sick. I've almost used up the entire package of crystals, technically, I'm done and then O C D kicks in. Got to use up all the crystals. So, sew on some more crystals, and some more. Now technically, the piece is done, AGAIN. But wait, should I add more beads. There are still some blue crystals open. Oh my. I am sick.

Can't wait to show it to you when its back from the finisher!!!!

Have a happy Thursday.
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