Sunday, June 14, 2009

Columbus Market Day 1

Wow, there is so much to see at this show. I've only been through part of it. More to do today.

Here's the scoop from Day 1. Lee's Needlearts is closing so it's now or never. Leather goods, canvases etc. First come first serve so if there is anything you are lusting after don't let it slip away.

We have new colors of many of our favorite Rainbow Gallery threads coming in. New Belle Soie and new Gloriana. I've also added to our mix Crescent Colors Perle 5. That should be a fun new thread to play with.

There is also a new company JAR Designs who is dying 18ct canvas. Thirty something colors, they are all beautiful. They have great names like Traumatized Toad, Tenacious Teal, Lovely Lips...... OMG they are the coolest. I of course ordered us an assortment. This may mean I have to start doing more counted work again.

This is my favorite piece so far. Now, remember, I haven't been to about a million and four booths yet. This is a brand new Melissa Shirley canvas. I met the photographer who took the photo Melissa worked from. She is a delight. I can't wait to stitch the lizard.

Amanda Lawford's son Derek now has his own line. He is gearing everything he does to the up and coming stitchers. Great designs, affordable prices and trendy fashion forward colors. Kudos to getting the next generation excited.

This is my favorite finished stitched OMG gorgeous pillow so far. Love it!!!! Lani you did a great job with stitches etc... Lani also had some great Halloween canvases that will be coming in later this year.

I ordered dogs from DJ Designs. Oh my, and that was just day one!

Much more to follow. Stay tuned.
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