Thursday, July 23, 2009

Remember my Compulsions

It's about time I posted something with a picture. We need more color.

You may or may not remember that a month or so ago I posted how incredibly O C D I could be. I spent an entire evening looking for just the perfect tote bag to go with a piece of needlepoint.

I ended up with 4. Here's my silly rantings on that evening.

Once they came I sent the favorite tote of the moment to the finisher along with the needlepoint dutifully embellished with more than enough crystals for any self respecting tote bag.

Here's what arrived today. Do you my finisher and I are in synch? It's fabulous! She of course added even more crystals - Crystals all around the border of the needlepoint. The crazy tassel is her addition. It has a pink bird on it just like the birds on the elephant. Too fun.

This will be my needlepoint bag. Not my bag for projects but the supply bag. That has embellishments and beading supplies and pliers in it.

I love it!
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