Sunday, October 04, 2009

Mellow Yellow now complete!

It's finished and I love it! I'm really quite pleased with how this Melissa Shirley canvas turned out. I've been stitching this canvas and teaching it at the shop as a Mystery Class. With each lesson, a new section of the canvas is revealed stitched.

Each section was a challenge to make the flowers and butterflies move forward and back in space as they should. In the end the flowers have the charm and whimsy that I wanted.

Since I last posted 2 weeks ago I completed the yellow flower on the right. The cool thing about this flower is that it uses one of those overdyes that has many different colors in it. The kind of overdye we all buy because it is pretty but we never really know what to do with it. This one had yellow and pink and green and orange all in the same thread. It's called Miami Deco and it's by Gloriana Threads. It became the perfect outline around the flower petals. How cute is that?

The other challenge on this canvas was the final butterfly. This butterfly needed to be the item that comes forward in the design. It needed to project in front of the zinnias and the other flowers. WOW, what to do? I decided on wired ribbon. 1.5" in width, folded and pleated to make wings. They are fluffy and cute and create just the effect I wanted.

Next step is finishing so off to the finisher it goes. I'll post pictures when it returns. Until then, I'll be stitching and teaching our next Mystery Class - Merry Christmas by Raymond Crawford!
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