Sunday, February 07, 2010

The snow, oh the snow!

What's a girl to do when it snows this much?

For a state that doesn't usually get snow we got a crazy amount of snow Friday into Saturday. 30+ inches!!!! What were the weather gods thinking.

The shop has been closed since Thursday night!

I've been working on the next lesson of the Heart Mystery Class. It's starting to look like something! I think you are really going to like it. Check back next Sunday to see what I've done.

I've also been packing crystals like a crazy person. In addition to the full line of 2mm round crystals we have started adding select colors in 4mm rounds and 3mm bicones and my favorite margaritas. Yes, I like margaritas (rocks, no salt) but I also like swarovski margaritas. These are the pretty little flower shaped crystals. The collection of sizes and colors in these is growing too. 6mm to 12mm in assorted flower colors.

Maybe the colorful flower colors of crystals will bring us Spring flowers.

Until then, we're digging out. Karl took lots of pictures including this one of me digging. It is an amazing amount of snow.

We're expecting more snow Tuesday night and I've heard rumors of the weekend being hit again. Geez!


barbi said...

I'm cold just looking at your pictures!! This why we moved to AZ 3 years ago. The only thing I ever did well in snow was 'fall down'!!!! Just think of all the extra 'stitching time ' you have & how full the shop will be with everyone once you finally reopen. Thinking of you!!

Tara said...

Love the boots!

At least I am off of work today. I'm going to spend it stitching. I dug out the car. I don't need to dig out the truck. The dogs don't want to go outside. The house could do with some cleaning but I want to work on a Valentine's Day ornament instead (gift for husband). He's working & won't see me stitching on this surprize.

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