Sunday, March 07, 2010

Bedecked and Beadazzled Bewitching Boo-tique

This is where all the fashionistas in the witchy world shop. A boo-tique so cool, a boo-tique so magical, a boo-tique so hip that everyone who is anyone shops there.

Even a silly little black cat named felix put on his ghosty costume to sneak into the shop unnoticed.

We are delighted to announce this club, our first collaboration with Janet Burnet of A Collection of Designs. She designed the handpainted canvases based upon this notion of a boo-tique that I had. I did the stitchguides and I hope you will agree it is a new and different take on the Halloween Club.

There are beads and crystals and doo dahs, pom poms and trim, silk threads, sparkly threads and fuzzy threads all waiting to snare you into their spell.

Want the details on joining the club. Click here and read all about it!

Happy Halloween! I'm only about 7 months early.


Robin said...

The Needlepoint Study Hall Blog link linked to Ruth's new LINK. YIPPEE!

OMG. How fun.

great stuff, Ruth.

Ruth Schmuff said...

Thanks Robin, I've missed being linked to study hall.

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Jane tries to link to Ruth again, and bursts into tears. It doesn't work!!!

Never mind. I'll write about it all tomorrow, Ruth. Don't worry about being 7 months early. It'll take a while to get these all stitched.

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