Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hi Ho Hi Ho Aloe

Don't ask me what that title meant. Sounded cute in my head.  Guess that means we are still giddy and happy from class yesterday.

Brenda Hart taught the stunning Lani Aloe canvas and everyone had a great time as these photos prove.

This is Kathy and her daughter Katie.  We haven't seen Kathy in a year, so it was double fun when she decided to bring her daughter for girl's weekend.

As a truly special treat, Wendy Harwood of Aristeia in CA came to play for the day.  

Judy and Karen, working diligently.  Please note, Judy trying not to smirk at the photographer :-)

Alma is always gracious and puts up with our nonsense.


This is our other Kathy who we truly don't see often enough.

Thanks Brenda, we had a great time!


Front Range Stitcher said...

What fun! That canvas is gorgeous and very tempting. I noticed that several of the stitchers are using the System 4 stand. Does that seem to be the predominant stand, especially for larger pieces? I have it and also the K's metal floor stand; I like them both but for different reasons.
Thanks for posting pictures of your classes, it's inspiring.

Peggy said...

Oh! I wish I had been there. Looks like sooooo much fun. Thanks for the pictures.

Ruth Schmuff said...

I think everyone has their own preference for which floor frame is their favorite. I find it mostly has to do with where you sit at home and how your furniture is arranged.

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