Sunday, June 13, 2010

Some of my favorite things......

Good Morning... Here we are on Day 2 of the Columbus show and we have been busy busy busy.  I've been bopping around placing orders here and there for all kinds of fabulous things.

Technology failed me yesterday and I have less pictures than I woul like, but this is a start.

Melissa Shirley's booth is always a must see.  She has new wild women.  The Red Queen, Coco Channel, Mae West and Glinda the Good Witch.  Oh so fun.

There are great new small madonnas that are just so sweet and charming.

Talk about a great finishing idea, check this out.  Melissa Shirley's pilgrm man and woman framed in a super thick box with the addition of big bows, fruit and flowers on top.

Now let's wander over to Patti Mann's booth for what I think is just the cutest darn baby sampler.  Available for both girls in pink and boys in blue.  Hello My Name Is

Pat  and Lee Designs are new to us.  I had only seen a few pieces in the past.  Let me tell you, they are delightful.  She does the funniest cats!  There's one in the shower complete with shower cap that is just hysterical.

Last but not least for this mornings post are the cutest ornament pairs from Canvas Candy.  Each canvas comes with a matching hand blown glass ornament.  What's really great is that they aren't all Chrstimas.  The ones that are the most fun are the food, hamburgers, fires, subs, ice cream sundaes, cheese cakes and pizza!

Perhaps you want a baby gift. Duckies and pigs abound.

Or maybe you want a cute oriental boy or girl. Orientals abound this year at the show.

Last but by no means least for this post was the vespa!

Will take more pictures today.  You have to see what's new from Maggie and Leigh and so many others.  Have a great day!

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Front Range Stitcher said...

I can just see you bopping around the show now! Everything you've shown looks so fresh and new. I am especially excited about the smaller sized Madonna and Child from Melissa Shirley, I've admired this designers larger pieces in the past but these might look like a manageable size. Have fun, will be watching for more.

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