Monday, June 14, 2010

Good Morning

Well, here we are again.  Oh so much to share.  I'm running around buying just as fast as I can.  New threads, new canvases,  geez, there's so much.

Today is a short day so I better get finished.

First up, Maggie.  For some zany reason, I keep buying game boards.  First it was the zecca chessboard, then the zecca backgammon board and now check this out.  Is this not just the coolest chessboard??????  Straight from the talented hands of Maggie and Lisa Kraus, framer extraordinaire.  Sorry, bad photo, but the chess pieces are salt and pepper shakers!!!!!

If you have been following my progress on the latest mystery class you know I had to come order new pieces by the same artist.  Downward facing Dog and the Poinsettia Lady are two of my favs.

Leigh has done it again with the waterbabies.  Too cute.  But not sappy cute.  Just less overwhelming than the full size mermaids.  You can also see in the bottom of the first photo 2 of the floozies!

Now for the view from our booth.  Barbara Russel is catty corner from us and wow, let me just say when you are tired this is a wacky thing to be looking at.  But boy are they beautifully painted!!!!  If I wasn't afraid of them, I might need to own one.

Charley Harper is a huge hit so...... here you go.  Lots and lots of Charley!

Off to get into more trouble!  Whatelse is a girl to do?

See you soon.


Carol in Indian Springs Village said...

I am a HUGE Charley Harper fan so will be interested to see what you pick up from there (if anything). Also, love the game board! I've been wanting to do a backgammon board but had never seen one in needlepoint. Now I know where to look!

Deborah said...

Love the Barbara Russell canvas's!! Thanks for sharing.

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