Sunday, June 27, 2010

Light and Shadows

Today was our third class for the Watering Can Lady.  We had a lot of fun and I had a few surprises for everyone in class.

You see, I had another inspiration..... See all that empty space to the left of our lady. 

What should we do with it?  What if there were big flowers there, sort of like the ones in the foreground....  What if there was a light causing shadows to be cast on the background?  Hmmmm.

So that's what I did.  I copied the flower shape and traced it onto the background with a disappearing marker.  Then I stitched those new flowers with a light coverage Basketweave Twill.  2 ply of silk for the darker shadows and 1 ply of silk for the lighter shadows.

Looks pretty cool.  Well, I'm pleased :-)

Think about the possibilities here for adding depth to a canvas or filling a large empty space. Oooooh!  I'm liking this idea.

If you have issues with tracing the flowers on the background you could trace the flowers on tissue paper, lay that on top of the canvas and stitch an outline through the tissue.  Once the outline is in place simply tear away the tissue and fill the flowers with Basketweave Twill.

A side note to anyone actually stitching this from my guide.  The pattern in the stitch guide matches my canvas. It doesn't match the other canvases with quite the same accuracy.  You may need to trace each flower independent of the others, moving the pattern as you go.

Only one more class until we are finished, I better get busy.


Robin said...

Well, well, well... if you aren't the most clever person. Disappearing ink! Awesome.

Ruth Schmuff said...

Hi Robin

Disappearing ink is your friend. Allows you to draw and erase on canvas. So glad you approve.

Missy Gray said...

My, my. That is impressive. Looks great. You continue to make me regret not doing this Mystery Class. You are a bad, bad girl, Ruth!

Front Range Stitcher said...

Wow! Great idea. This is a wonderful canvas made even better by your ingenuity and inventiveness. Colors are looking very good too. I agree with Missy Gray, I regret not doing this too, but we can't do everything.....can we?

Ruth Schmuff said...

It's never too late to join the party. You just know how the mystery ends when you join late or after the class is over. We're always happy to kit a canvas.

Seriously, glad everyone is pleased

LIZ said...

I really like the effect of the flower "shadows". Great idea!

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