Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cds, Books Which to Choose?

They are back from the printer and I am totally pleased.  Stitches CD Volume 1 and 2 are now available as real spiral bound books.

Each book has over 300 Stitches.

Each stitch is on its own page!  Clear easy to read diagrams.

The stitches are arranged by type, Straight, Diagonal, Crossed & Tied, Decorative etc.  There's also an alphabetical index.

Books? CDS? iPhone Apps?  Why so many formats?  Everyone has their own preference.  I started by producing CDs so that you could print just the stitch you wanted and toss it in your project bag.

Then the iPhone App.  Now your stitches are only a finger tap away.

And now we have books so that you can snuggle into your favorite corner of the sofa and flip through your book relaxing, selecting stitches.  (Once you find the ones you want, print them from the cd and away you go.) 

Guess I'm the girl who needs every format.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Easy Breezy Summertime Stitching

Just like summer reading, summer needlepoint should be easy and relaxing.  Keeping with that theme, we started our summertime Mystery Class today at Bedecked and Beadazzled.  The canvas is by EyeCandy Needleart and it is fresh and colorful.

So far, all the brown sections are complete with a 2 part stitch worked in Chocolate Brown Impressions with accents of Kreinik's Hologram Fine (#8) Braid. 

We'll do a little each lesson and see where it leads us.  Wherever it goes, it will be fun. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

For the Bug Collectors

If an entire purse or pillow of beetles is a little much for you, check this out.  I took this photo in Melissa Shirley's booth at Columbus Market. 

The same beetles as on the purse, but each is individually framed in a shadow box just like a bug collector would.  For the sake of keeping your finisher sane, I would probably just stitch the bug body and then let the finisher add the legs and antennae. I thought this was a very cool idea.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Beatles are Coming! The Beatles are Coming!

Well, not The Beatles, but my beetles.  My Melissa Shirley Beetle Purse is back from the finishers.  I love it.  I started this canvas in an embellishment class with Brenda Hart a year or so ago and finally finished it.

My favorite part of the stitching is the background.  It's a woven open stitch done in metallic. It goes fast and is easy to compensate.  What more could we want.  With that plus I could focus on the details in the wonderful beetles.

The leather is the perfect shade of olive green.  The size is perfect.  Who knows, I may even carry this one.  Funny thing is, I irrationally hate bugs.  I had to have this purse, go figure.

I did document all the threads and stitches.  A complete stitch guide is available should anyone else want their own Beetle Purse.

Wishing you a happy Sunday.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Welcome to the rose parade

Our watering can lady is complete! She's in her garden watering the most incredible flowers. They remind me of roses on a float at the rose parade. Lush and yummy. The flowers are folded ribbon roses alternated with French knots. Quick, easy and lot's of impact.

What's really cool is the amount of depth we were able to achieve on a 2 dimensional canvas. Big flashy flowers in the foreground, then the watering can, then our lady and finally way in the distance the background with shadows of flowers.

All things considered, it's really quite an elegant piece. Not really as outrageous as we originally thought.

This was the final lesson of our mystery class. She's off to the framer for the finishing touches. I'll be sure to show her off when she returns. For now, I'm off to start work on the next mystery class. See you soon.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Elvis Meets Disco

Gotta love it when great stitching minds come together!  This is another collaboration between myself and a few friends.

At market a few weeks ago I launched a new line that I am affectionately calling the hippie line.  You know I love color and what is more colorful than the art  of the 60's?  We did LOVE, PEACE and WOW in an assortment of sizes and shapes. 

This little love canvas is part of the series.  Vicky De Angelis stitched it double quick adding her special touch with stitches, threads and crystals.  Then it was off to the finisher extraordinaire to finish it into a pillow just in time for market.  To give it that 60's feel it needed to be finished with white leather :-)  But then it needed a modern twist.  Somewhere in there it became a little Elvis and a little disco. Oh well, I love it.

The fun bursts of color in the background remind me of fireworks so what better day than the 4th of July to share this piece with you/ 

Happy 4th everyone.
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