Sunday, August 08, 2010

The Puzzle is Coming Together

We're making progress on the Harvest Colors Puzzle Mystery Class.  Today was the second class and we tackled more areas! 

For me the fun of this piece is selecting stitches that play off of one another.  Most of the stitches are either Satin Stitches or variations of certain sizes of Cross Stitches.  By selecting stitches that are variations of one another and allowing for areas of Tent and Satin Stitches we are able to keep the piece from getting busy.

Good news, there is still enough going on to keep us all entertained!!!  You know my attention span :-)

Next time you see this it will be finished. That's when it all comes together.

1 comment:

Missy Gray said...

This looks terrific! Cannot wait to see how you finish your Mystery. The Mystery to me is why I stitched this piece BEFORE you -- if only I had waited, you would have done all of the work for me. Thanks, as always, for the inspiration and guidance.

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