Monday, August 02, 2010

Wow, now there's a project......

We all do it, we should be working and then the next thing you know you are whiling away hours browsing from site to site.  It all starts innocently enough, you are catching up on your blog reading then wham!!!!!!

There's something you see that you just have to have.  

A few clicks of the mouse later and its yours.  Aaaah, the sweet feeling of victory.

So, since we are all in this together, I thought I would share.  I'm happily reading Susan Elliot's blogPlays with Needles.  Susan is wonderfully talented with thread and needle and color and camera.  And blessed with the most fun personality.  The current post linked to an older one from 2008 about a great book in her collection.

Oh no, the vortex is sucking me in!  I can feel it.  Here I go, off to order the books, okay what's a few more books, right.  But wait, the books come from Japan.  I have some great needlework and beadwork books from Japan and France.  This is worth it right?  Now here's the challenge, navigating in Japanese!!!! 

I did it.  Will let you know when the books arrive.  :-)

Oh and did I mention that one book is only available at amazon france????

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Plays with Needles said...

I believe in being an equal opportunity international Amazon shopper...SO glad to see you've broken through the language barrier...though I'm curious which books you are referring to...the link led me to my home page.

Thanks for the love. I almost stopped into the shop this afternoon but since I'm heading out that way tomorrow morning I saved it for then. Maybe I'll catch you though most times I think you show up in the afternoon....I've got to see what's up!!!

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