Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Know a good thing when you see it......

Have you seen these needle threaders?  If not, they are must haves for your stitching bag. 

These needle threaders are similar to the traditional wire needle threaders but much stronger.  They even have a cutter in the end to snip your threads.  Maybe this is the answer to the burning "What will TSA approve for a plane flight?"

There are 3 sizes: 

the small shown here for beading needles and little one ply projects.

An in between size for most of your silks and flosses or the nifty square tipped threader for yarns.

They even come in these cute little storage containers so the wires don't bend when you aren't using them.  You know I love my organizational gismos!


Duchess said...

These look wonderful Ruth.

Your question about what would be approved by airport security reminded me of a story of a friend who had her approved cutting tool taken from her.

Her sweet husband dashed off and bought her some dental floss. She was at least able to use the small cutting tool include on the end of that packaging for her LONG flight.

All that stitching time was not lost!


Missy Gray said...

You are right. They are terrific. As always, you are on the 'cutting edge.' (Forgive the bad pun!)

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