Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween from our girl Hermina Batwings

Well, here's how I looked for class today.  Does it give you a clue how the day went?  We were silly.  Everyone said they had trouble taking me seriously.  I don't know why.... really, I'm a girl in a pink sweater, what's the problem?


Hermina is out trick or treating.  She's very proud of her costume.  She has a bevy of bats flying around her and two particularly fun yo-yo bats hanging from either side of her wings.  Pretty clever girl isn't she?  She hung those bats from glow in the dark strings so that you can hardly see the strings.  I can just imagine them swinging and swaying as she walks from house to house.

The bottom edge of her skirt has a row of orange pumpkins across it.  Either these pumpkins magically levitate or they are the ruffle on her skirt.  I think they are a ruffle, after all what do little girls like?  Bows, and roses and pageant gowns!  OK, too much Project Runway, but I digress.  The ribbon roses are super fun to do.  Ours are extra special and overlap.

Look closely in the background and spooky eyes await.  Stitch as many or as few as you like.  They make a simple but fun background, particularly when you realize they glow in the night.

For her photo opportunity, Hermina stands on a purple base perfect for any little girl witch to show off her costume.

We wish you a Happy Halloween.  Tomorrow we'll deal with the sugar rush.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monet meets Caela Conn Tyler

We just finished another wonderful class with Caela Conn Tyler.  This was Caela's second visit to teach at the shop. If you follow my musings on the blog, you may remember she was here last year just days after we moved into the new location!


This year in addition to the color theory class, she taught a wonderful project, Polar Shadows.

This is Caela's interpretation of a little known Monet painting.  Caela's projects are always interesting.  She layers small stitches with subtle color differences to create depth and dimension.  She also layers beautiful colors of tulle and organza over the needlework to soften and manipulate the colors.  This is one of my favorite techniques.  I learned it from her last year and I love the look.  Definitely something I will continue to explore.

Caela's projects are packed full of theory.  Minimal stitches are used but those that are used are modified to create variations.  Each variation allows the viewer to create a different viewing plane/angle or different depth in the design.

This was early in the day yesterday before the switch to doodle cloth was made - Looks like a good bit of stitching was done.

Thank you Caela for another great class.  Thank you everyone who attended, we enjoy your company and love that you share our enthusiasm for the art!

See you soon.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Color Details with Caela Conn Tyler

Today at the shop we were fortunate to host a one day COLOR class with Caela Conn Tyler.

Here's how Caela describes the class.....

Color Details: "Crossing the Wheel” explores direct complements in depth thus demystifying one aspect of color theory for students.  Each student will select a preferred direct complement combination and explore the range of colors available within that combination by creating tints, tones, and shades, then a myriad of surprising new hues as they mix complements and tint the mixtures.

Yes, we painted!  Everyone sat at tables based upon the colors they chose to explore.  Interestingly enough, they also dressed in the same colors!  :-) 

There was the blue table

and the purple table.

Class was interesting, informative and full of ah ha moments.....  

If you ever have the opportunity, take a class from Caela.  You won't be disappointed.  You'll learn a lot and have a great time doing it. Don't be timid, she'll have you diving in and having fun before you know it.

Thanks for joining us.  Until next time.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's all about the eyes!

Well here we are, lesson #3 of totally silly needlepoint -- Hermina Batwings the current mystery class at the shop!  Our little girl Hermina's costume is complete and she's holding a wonderful purple gourd with a frog hanging onto it for dear life!  There's no other way to describe the look on his face.


I've known since I started this canvas how I wanted to stitch the frog and the purple gourd.  It's all about the eyes!  The frog eyes are these great scrapbooking brads that I found and horded for all my stitchy friends.  The gourd's eyes are plastic rings covered with buttonhole stitches of Kreinik Fine Braid.  Love both eyes.

Now here's the fun part, for the frog's eyes, do you want your eyes to tilt up or down?  The choice is yours!

The beads are another fun part of this lesson.  You know how much I love beads.....  The little frog uses beads in two different ways.  We only have one green bead that is the right color so we needed to get depth with only one color.  The trick here is attaching the beads in two different ways!  Each way reflects the light differently and allows his little hands to come forward wrapping around the stem on the gourd.

Next class is Halloween.  TRICK OR TREAT!

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Hermina's Closet

Hermina is quite a fashionable little girl playing dress up as a witch for Halloween. 

Today in class we created her clothes.  Her sweater is a bulky striped knit of Fuzzy Stuff and Ribbon. It's a good solid knit that mom would approve of to keep her warm while Trick or Treating.

Over the top of her sweater she has a giant cut out pumpkin.  Yes, it's a cut out pumpkin.  It's flat.  Now, I love the stitch we used on her pumpkin as the round shape of the stitch echoes the roundness of the pumpkin but because it is stitched in plied silk with accents of metallic ribbon it really does read as a flat.  It's not a big round dimensional pumpkin.

My favorite part of her outfit is her skirt.  It's a great stitch worked in 3 parts with 3 different threads.  It has lots of texture in just the right shade of yellow.

Her shoes are shiny and sparkly and will keep her feet moving until next class when we meet her friends, the frog and the silly gourd.  Until then......
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