Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween from our girl Hermina Batwings

Well, here's how I looked for class today.  Does it give you a clue how the day went?  We were silly.  Everyone said they had trouble taking me seriously.  I don't know why.... really, I'm a girl in a pink sweater, what's the problem?


Hermina is out trick or treating.  She's very proud of her costume.  She has a bevy of bats flying around her and two particularly fun yo-yo bats hanging from either side of her wings.  Pretty clever girl isn't she?  She hung those bats from glow in the dark strings so that you can hardly see the strings.  I can just imagine them swinging and swaying as she walks from house to house.

The bottom edge of her skirt has a row of orange pumpkins across it.  Either these pumpkins magically levitate or they are the ruffle on her skirt.  I think they are a ruffle, after all what do little girls like?  Bows, and roses and pageant gowns!  OK, too much Project Runway, but I digress.  The ribbon roses are super fun to do.  Ours are extra special and overlap.

Look closely in the background and spooky eyes await.  Stitch as many or as few as you like.  They make a simple but fun background, particularly when you realize they glow in the night.

For her photo opportunity, Hermina stands on a purple base perfect for any little girl witch to show off her costume.

We wish you a Happy Halloween.  Tomorrow we'll deal with the sugar rush.


Missy Gray said...

Hermina and you look simply fab-boo!

Margaret said...

What an eye you have. I have to admit that I didn't even see the details there until you stitched them; the finely turned ankle, the smart shoes with the little decorative bows. What a happy piece.

Ruth Schmuff said...

Happy is the perfect word for this piece. She's fun to stitch and just happy to have around :-)

NCPat said...

Wonderful! Just great stitches and fun but the background eyes are fantastic!

woolwoman said...

Simply smashing !!!!!!!! Melody

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