Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's all about the eyes!

Well here we are, lesson #3 of totally silly needlepoint -- Hermina Batwings the current mystery class at the shop!  Our little girl Hermina's costume is complete and she's holding a wonderful purple gourd with a frog hanging onto it for dear life!  There's no other way to describe the look on his face.


I've known since I started this canvas how I wanted to stitch the frog and the purple gourd.  It's all about the eyes!  The frog eyes are these great scrapbooking brads that I found and horded for all my stitchy friends.  The gourd's eyes are plastic rings covered with buttonhole stitches of Kreinik Fine Braid.  Love both eyes.

Now here's the fun part, for the frog's eyes, do you want your eyes to tilt up or down?  The choice is yours!

The beads are another fun part of this lesson.  You know how much I love beads.....  The little frog uses beads in two different ways.  We only have one green bead that is the right color so we needed to get depth with only one color.  The trick here is attaching the beads in two different ways!  Each way reflects the light differently and allows his little hands to come forward wrapping around the stem on the gourd.

Next class is Halloween.  TRICK OR TREAT!


Missy Gray said...

This is too cute. Amazing the difference in color that you are achieving with attaching the beads in two different ways. You are, quite simply, brilliant! Cannot wait to get my hands on her and start catching up -- if I don't hurry, you'll be finished before I've begun...

Sheena said...

She is just too fun for words!! I can't wait for mine to arrive in the mail, I should never, never have not signed up, slap me on the fingers!he!he! You do amazing things Ruth,

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