Monday, October 25, 2010

Monet meets Caela Conn Tyler

We just finished another wonderful class with Caela Conn Tyler.  This was Caela's second visit to teach at the shop. If you follow my musings on the blog, you may remember she was here last year just days after we moved into the new location!


This year in addition to the color theory class, she taught a wonderful project, Polar Shadows.

This is Caela's interpretation of a little known Monet painting.  Caela's projects are always interesting.  She layers small stitches with subtle color differences to create depth and dimension.  She also layers beautiful colors of tulle and organza over the needlework to soften and manipulate the colors.  This is one of my favorite techniques.  I learned it from her last year and I love the look.  Definitely something I will continue to explore.

Caela's projects are packed full of theory.  Minimal stitches are used but those that are used are modified to create variations.  Each variation allows the viewer to create a different viewing plane/angle or different depth in the design.

This was early in the day yesterday before the switch to doodle cloth was made - Looks like a good bit of stitching was done.

Thank you Caela for another great class.  Thank you everyone who attended, we enjoy your company and love that you share our enthusiasm for the art!

See you soon.

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