Friday, November 26, 2010

Magic Fairy Dust

She is magic.  I had absolutely the best time ever stitching this canvas.  The canvas is an adaptation of an illustration by Paper d'Art.  Ruben's illustrations are just so dear.  They are magic by themselves.  They have all these tiny details that I love.

I am much more about tiny details and changing colors and adding beads than I am about large areas of one thing.  If you know me, you know my definition of a large area is anything over 1 inch.  But I digress.

I played when I stitched this fairy.  There's lots of floss, different sizes of metallics and beads and crystals.  Regular Tent Stitches change direction as needed to follow a curve.  I plied up or down on the floss to get the depth that I needed. 

I wasn't really sure how I wanted to finish her and then we can up with the idea that she should be a large ornament.  Imagine her hanging over a little girl's bed.  She's guaranteed to bring nothing but sweet dreams.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Noel/Jingle all the way

Thank you everyone who joined our Christmas Mystery class.

Today was the first class of the 2010 holiday adventure;  I had a great time and hope you did too!

This year, our canvas was by Beth Gantz Designs.  It's a simple design but very cute — The word Noel or Jingle on a striped background.  This is going to be a great canvas to get us in the mood for the holidays.  Not too hard, painted on 13ct and only a few colors.

We started with the background.  I love the stripes but wanted to play with them and not do the obvious, one stitch in the dark stripes and a different stitch in the light stripes.

To change things up we started with an all-over blackwork pattern changing the colors as the stripes changed.  Other than the typical issues of compensation that was a pretty straightforward task.

I do have a hint courtesy of my mom for compensating the stitch across the letters.  She continues the pattern on top of the letters in a different color of thread.  Then when everything is stitched and she knows everything lines up, out come the wrong colored stitches!  Pretty neat trick.  Thanks mom.

Once the blackwork is complete it was time to embellish the pattern with metallics.  This time rather than changing the color we changed the embellishment stitches.  How cool is that?

I'm off to start stitching the next lesson.  Now the fun can really begin!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tis the season for PEACE

What a weekend!  Could we have picked a better project to wrap up our Fall classes at the shop??

Peace! will take you back to Woodstock and make you think of the freedom and color of the 60's.  You know I love color and the more the merrier.  This is part of a new series I designed and introduced this summer. 

The classroom was colorful and bright with all the variations the series has to offer hanging on the walls.

Wendy Harwood of Aristeia came East to teach her rendition of PEACE and we had a great time.

And, we have another signature for our autograph wall! 

I've been stitching away on my canvas.  It's a fun project, lots of threads that lend themselves to making progress quickly. And most importantly, some really fun stitches. 

Thanks for coming, Wendy.  We had a great time!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Patterns and Color and Fabrics Oh My!

I can while away a ridiculous amount of time looking at pretty pictures on the web.  I go from site to site making connections and finding my way from artist to artist.  It's interesting that the world isn't really all that big and sometimes you keep coming back to the same familiar places but from different routes.

photo @ Amy Butler Designs

photo @ Amy Butler Designs

One of the designers whose work I am drawn to again and again is Amy Butler.  I fall in love over and over with her textile art.  Her art is beautiful and lush, a combination of flowers and architecture all in a bright tropical palette.  Check out the inspiration page on her website and I promise you will be inspired!

Amy designs textiles and sewing patterns and each is happier and fresher than the one before. You know my need for color and pattern and these pieces fit the bill.

Yet again, as life would have it, I stumble onto Amy's site.  And OH MY!  She now designs exquisite Fashion and Travel Bags. These are just the prettiest bags, lush Egyptian Cotton in gorgeous prints trimmed in leather.  They are yummy.  All different shapes, sizes and patterns.  I can't decide which is my favorite.  They have lots of pockets and are perfect for carrying your needlepoint, or just carrying anything.

They arrived in the shop today and we're in love!  I can't stand it, I want them all.  Stop in and see them, it's worth the visit.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Harvest Colors Puzzle Mystery solved

If you've been following my blog, you know we are all about Mystery Classes at Bedecked and Beadazzled. You sign up for a class knowing only what the canvas will be.  You then come to class every 2 weeks or so either in person or virtually and receive a new section of the stitch guide along with the threads, beads and whatnot for that section.  I'm only stitching about a week ahead of you!
You can see our past and future Mysteries on the mystery class page of the website. It's never really too late to join the fun. Even if a mystery is solved we can still kit the project for you. You've just skipped ahead and know how the mystery ends!

We finished the Harvest Colors Puzzle Mystery Class about 2 months ago and I didn't know how I wanted to finish the piece. 

I could frame it, or make it a wonderful pillow with just the perfect trim, or inset it into a box top or tray, or make a needle notes book.  (More on this another day.)  What to do????

Inspiration finally struck.  I had this great totebag from lantern moon.  It's woven something, probably bamboo leaves, in a wonderful orange color.  Away the two pieces go.  Tote bag and needlepoint to be combined into the perfect stitching tote.  Here's the results.

Pretty cute isn't it?  Here's my moment of genius.  Well, not really genius, but a pretty darn good idea.  I sent the finisher a piece of black tulle to stretch over the needlepoint.  Now there is a semi-protective layer over the stitching. Much less worry about the stitches and beads getting snagged! When you see it in person you can barely tell the tulle is there.  It doesn't make it busy.  You do have to find the right color but I just used black and it simply made all the other colors richer.

While I was teaching the mystery I also thought it would be fun to turn the same design into a charted design in a different colorway.  Here it is.  I stitched it in turquoise, lime and navy on teal canvas from JAR Designs.   If you would like a new counted thread project for your collection, you can order the chart here

It's getting cooler out so more stitching time.  I have lots planned to share so we'll talk soon!
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