Thursday, November 11, 2010

Patterns and Color and Fabrics Oh My!

I can while away a ridiculous amount of time looking at pretty pictures on the web.  I go from site to site making connections and finding my way from artist to artist.  It's interesting that the world isn't really all that big and sometimes you keep coming back to the same familiar places but from different routes.

photo @ Amy Butler Designs

photo @ Amy Butler Designs

One of the designers whose work I am drawn to again and again is Amy Butler.  I fall in love over and over with her textile art.  Her art is beautiful and lush, a combination of flowers and architecture all in a bright tropical palette.  Check out the inspiration page on her website and I promise you will be inspired!

Amy designs textiles and sewing patterns and each is happier and fresher than the one before. You know my need for color and pattern and these pieces fit the bill.

Yet again, as life would have it, I stumble onto Amy's site.  And OH MY!  She now designs exquisite Fashion and Travel Bags. These are just the prettiest bags, lush Egyptian Cotton in gorgeous prints trimmed in leather.  They are yummy.  All different shapes, sizes and patterns.  I can't decide which is my favorite.  They have lots of pockets and are perfect for carrying your needlepoint, or just carrying anything.

They arrived in the shop today and we're in love!  I can't stand it, I want them all.  Stop in and see them, it's worth the visit.

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