Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Colors Puzzle

It's still sort of Christmastime.  Decorations are still out.  New Year's Eve is tomorrow so it's not really too late to unveil a new Christmas design.  This is the latest collaboration between myself and EyeCandy Needlearts. 

You may remember the mystery class this summer - Harvest Colors Puzzle.  It was so much fun that it has morphed itself into several variations.  First there was the charted version for my counted canvaswork friends and now there is the Christmas Colors Puzzle!

It is once again a painted canvas with stitch guide.  All decked out in pretty colors to welcome year :-)  It stitches up quick!

Happy New Year everyone!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy Holidays

Where has this month gone???  Just days ago it feels like we started the holiday mystery and here we are at the last class already. 

I found great buttons that were perfect additions to the Noel and Jingle canvases and as you know with me, one thing leads to another and before you know it we have jingle bells on the canvas too!  What fun it is when your canvas jingles...... and you are still stitching on it.

I did add a few more beads in the background for a little extra sparkle. 

I know I will finish mine as pillows but the current game plan is for them to be very different pillows.  I'm waiting for trim to arrive. As soon as it does, the elves will work their magic. Yes, the elves are tired but they want to see these pillows complete too, so I think they will work quickly.

The shop is closed for a few extra days around Christmas.  I'll be working  hard on stitching other things to make you smile during the gray days of winter.

Happy Holidays everyone!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holiday Fruits

Well, not necessarily holiday fruits, but fruits non-the-less and fruits to be given as a holiday gift. So, in a round-about way, I guess they really are holiday fruits.

I designed a series of fruitful canvases, Pears, Apples and Watermelons that can fit in various Stirling leather goods.  Some are 8 x8 and some are 4 x 8.

For as much as I would like to say that I have stitched models of everything I design, it doesn't always happen.  But sometimes, friends stitch my canvases as surprise gifts for their mothers and I get to show off their talent too!!!!
Here's the 8 x 8 pear canvas stitched by Pamela and finished on the front of a gorgeous tote!

Her mom is going to love it!!! The pears are beautifully stitched in a variety of threads and stitches and of course beads!

No peaking under the tree or you'll spoil the surprise.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Trivia from your resident Needlepoint Geek

Did you know that you can gift an iapp?

I didn't, but how cool is that?  

For quite some time users have had the ability to gift albums and songs through iTunes, and of course users always have had the ability to purchase iTunes gift cards. Back in March, Apple came out with the ability to “Gift an App” on iTunes. This new “Gift an App” feature allows gift givers to gift their favorite paid apps for a more personalized holiday experience. Here's an article that was published in March that briefly walks through the steps on how to do this, but it’s really easy. Basically you select “Gift this app” through a drop down box, enter the recipients information including a message, and purchase. The recipient is then notified of their app gift and it appears in their iTunes account. Pretty cool.

So, if you are looking for  a virtual stocking stuffer I am pleased to suggest iStitches Volume One or iStitches Volume Two!  Both volumes are now available and are happily functioning on iPods, iPads and iPod Touch everywhere.  Each volume has 300+ stitches diagrammed and sorted both alphabetically and by stitch type.  Search by name, enlarge the diagram and all from the convenience of your gadget of choice - with you 24/7.

You may now resume your shopping, gift wrapping and general yuletide stressing over the hundreds of things to be done

Happy Holidays

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Love Letters?

Letters TO Santa?
Letters from Santa?.....

          Letters on our Christmas mystery canvases of course.

I love typography;  it's the graphic designer in me. 

It's important that the lettering looks good and is the star of the show on this canvas.  Today was lesson #2 in our holiday mystery at the shop so today we tackled the lettering. 

I knew when I selected this canvas that I wanted to bead the letters, but I also knew I wanted a little more than just beads.  So we created a grid of Smyrna Crosses and filled that grid with seed beads.  Part of the magic of the pattern is the contrast between the metallic thread for the smyrnas and red opaque non metallic beads for the rest of the pattern. 

It takes some time but the vote was unanimous.  It was worth the effort.  The letters look like candied jewels!

Happy Holidays.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

I'm a bling girl.  I know it;  you know it;  we all know it.

If there's a way to add beads or crystals to my needlepoint, I'm going to do it.  I sometimes forget I can also add bling via my favorite tool, the hot fix crystal applicator.  Yesterday, I happily added crystals to too projects and they look great.

On one I used the crystals as the finishing touch to bring it to life just before sending it to the finisher, on the other I'm not even halfway done and I've already blinged it up!  And there are plans for more bling!

Hot fix crystals sit flat on the canvas as opposed to beads which are round or bicone shaped.  They reflect light differently, so why not mix it up and all the bling to add perspective and depth to our needlepoint too?

This got me to thinking that the hot fix crystal applicator would be the perfect stocking stuffer.  Not too big, not too expensive and imagine the fun you could have sparkling Christmas Day to a new level.  Just remember to ask Santa to bring crystals too.  Otherwise, you will be just like the kid on Christmas morning with no batteries for his new toy.

Applying crystals is super easy and fun.  Plug in the applicator, let it get hot and away you go.  Pick up a crystal with the applicator, allow the glue to melt for a second or two and then position where desired on needlepoint, clothing, greeting cards.  What could be easier?  The crystals come in different sizes and colors.  Yes, there is glue involved on the back of the crystal and over time it could degrade but really, is it going to happen in this lifetime?  Probably not.

Have fun, add some sparkle to your world and feel free to remind Santa that you are a bling girl too!
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