Sunday, December 05, 2010

Love Letters?

Letters TO Santa?
Letters from Santa?.....

          Letters on our Christmas mystery canvases of course.

I love typography;  it's the graphic designer in me. 

It's important that the lettering looks good and is the star of the show on this canvas.  Today was lesson #2 in our holiday mystery at the shop so today we tackled the lettering. 

I knew when I selected this canvas that I wanted to bead the letters, but I also knew I wanted a little more than just beads.  So we created a grid of Smyrna Crosses and filled that grid with seed beads.  Part of the magic of the pattern is the contrast between the metallic thread for the smyrnas and red opaque non metallic beads for the rest of the pattern. 

It takes some time but the vote was unanimous.  It was worth the effort.  The letters look like candied jewels!

Happy Holidays.

1 comment:

Missy Gray said...

Those letters are stunning!

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