Saturday, April 17, 2010

Big Event Day One

Today was Day 1 of the Big Event!

We were graced with the pleasure of the company of Tony Minieri, Meredith, Willet, Beth Robertson and Suzanne Howren. They are a great group.
We had 2 technique demos. One was on the correct sequence to execute the parts of a stitch.  I have to work on that one.  Makes sense when you think about it, but I really need to remember to think about it.

The second demo was on the tips and tricks for padding. Gotta love padding. If you want to really, really bring something forward, pad it.

In between these demos we worked on our individual canvases.  Today we reviewed threads and stitches for our canvases.  Each table had a different teacher.  (I did window mullions. No photos of that.  Maybe tomorrow.)

Mom had a good time and even let me take her picture.

Meredith worked with Karen pulling threads for the Tapestry Tent Halloween march.

Tony demonstrated stitches on Carolyn's Guadalajara canvas by Leigh.  Gotta check out the progress on this one.  It's such a pretty canvas.

Beth is stitching melons.  This is a great canvas to just fill with big stitches.  Look at all that background.

And then of course, every class needs their class clowns.  I'm glad these 2 are also my friends.

Now the question is, what mischief is planned for tomorrow?  Hopefully, lots and lots of fun.  More pics to follow.

We're ready to roll!

The rooms are ready for the students......

Everyone's canvas is mounted and ready to stitch - bags of threads and stitch books are waiting to be opened.

All we need now are teachers and students.

Each student at the Big Event will find monogrammed thread bags and matching frame weights at their seats as mementos of the Big Event at Bedecked and Beadazzled.

I just think everyone needs a gift!

Let the fun begin.
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