Sunday, April 18, 2010

Really Big Bummer :-)

How can you not love a teacher who refers to ripping out stitches as a "Really Big Bummer?"  It's impossible.  Today at the Big Event our table had the irreverent Meredith Willet.  She's the best!  She's a girlie girl, she's fun and yes, she will be coming back to Bedecked and Beadazzled to teach!

She's our very own Vanna White......

We learned how to use a punch needle for Turkey Work.  This is one of Meredith's specialties and it is oh so easy.  Yes, you can draw blood with the punch needle, but just don't fall asleep at the needle.  It goes super quick and you can use just about anything.  So just think how many more fuzzy things we can stitch!

We made more progress on our individual canvases today. Everyone worked really hard.

Maureen's Native Women are amazing.  Check out the woven baskets and the headresses.

The onion domes on this Peter Ashe cathedral are exquisite.  Michele is a beautiful stitcher and the stitch selection brings out the best of everyone.

I can't wait to see what Judy does with Mr. Boots.  The detail in the lace ruff is going to be gorgeous and Tony promises Crescents and Chain Stitches to make the necklace look real.

Check out the stitch in Mary's flowers.  Love it!  And the vase with the layers of stitches in the circles are too cool.  She's planning on adding hot fix crystals in the very center of each of those rings.  You know I love that!

Every time I look at this canvas I see more gems of stitches and ideas.  The composite stitch on the pumpkin is great.

There really are treasures in each piece.  That's the fun of embellishment classes. You take away a stitch, a thread, an idea from every canvas you see.

Lot's more photos to share......

Night-y, Night.
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