Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another giant step for needlepoint technology

I am a techno geek.  I love gadgets.  Particularly computer gadgets.  I'm old enough to remember life without computers, but I still can't imagine how we got along without email.

I think that TIVO is one of the most amazing life changing developments.  I know there are a million bigger more important things.  I'm just talking about things that rock my little corner of the world.

The iphone is another such life changing gadget.  Apple does it like no other.  They continually put out a great product that simply works consistently and then they add beautiful design to it.  Yes, there are other smart phones but they aren't as intuitive or as pretty.  Yes, I love my iphone.  And yes, I have ordered my ipad and am waiting for it to come.

In 2006 I launched my first CD.  Stitches CD Volume One.  300 stitches organized both alphabetically and by stitch type (Straight Stitches, Diagonal Stitches, Crossed Stitches, Decorative Stitches).  You can browse through them and print out just the stitches you need for a project or since they are all pdfs, simply copy them to your laptop and you have your stitches with you 24/7.  No extra book to carry! 


So, of course the next logical step for the Geek Queen was to transform Stitches CD Volume 1 into an iphone app.  I'm pleased to announce it is available in the app store!!!


Simply log into the itunes store and search for iStitches or Ruth Schmuff and you will find the app.  You can also click here to go directly to the store.  Everything works just like it does on the cd.  View stitches alphabetically or by type.  You can now search for a stitch.  Type in Mosaic and get all the versions of mosaic stitch in the library.

The diagrams are numbered and they do enlarge.  Now you can have your stitches with you anytime, anywhere.  I hope you enjoy it!

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