Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Bestest Kitty

I'm an animal person. 

That whole unconditional love thing.  They are generally so loving and trusting and bring joy to my world.

Tigger was one of those special babies. One of my rescues.  He'd meet me at the door before I left for work and be waiting when I came home.  Okay, that lasted for a little while until he had to come inside where I could keep him safe.  He loved me and no one else.  He was the bestest and I miss him still.

This canvas is my tribute to him.  He had a sweet round face and unlike most cats he loved for me to play with his paws.

A very talented friend and needlepointer, Vicky De Angelis took on the challenge of stitching him.  Wow did she do a beautiful job! I love every stitch of him. 

Can you see the fish in the red area in the foreground? Tigger would have loved them too.
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