Sunday, July 11, 2010

Welcome to the rose parade

Our watering can lady is complete! She's in her garden watering the most incredible flowers. They remind me of roses on a float at the rose parade. Lush and yummy. The flowers are folded ribbon roses alternated with French knots. Quick, easy and lot's of impact.

What's really cool is the amount of depth we were able to achieve on a 2 dimensional canvas. Big flashy flowers in the foreground, then the watering can, then our lady and finally way in the distance the background with shadows of flowers.

All things considered, it's really quite an elegant piece. Not really as outrageous as we originally thought.

This was the final lesson of our mystery class. She's off to the framer for the finishing touches. I'll be sure to show her off when she returns. For now, I'm off to start work on the next mystery class. See you soon.
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