Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Beatles are Coming! The Beatles are Coming!

Well, not The Beatles, but my beetles.  My Melissa Shirley Beetle Purse is back from the finishers.  I love it.  I started this canvas in an embellishment class with Brenda Hart a year or so ago and finally finished it.

My favorite part of the stitching is the background.  It's a woven open stitch done in metallic. It goes fast and is easy to compensate.  What more could we want.  With that plus I could focus on the details in the wonderful beetles.

The leather is the perfect shade of olive green.  The size is perfect.  Who knows, I may even carry this one.  Funny thing is, I irrationally hate bugs.  I had to have this purse, go figure.

I did document all the threads and stitches.  A complete stitch guide is available should anyone else want their own Beetle Purse.

Wishing you a happy Sunday.
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