Sunday, September 19, 2010

The face is most important

I start a canvas with the parts that I know have to be a certain way. Sometimes its a certain color that sets a tone or a stitch or a patter that I see in my head. In this case it was her face. She had to look cute! She is a little girl playing dress up with the most amazing costume ever. The cats and bats over her shoulder, are they real or are they only in her imagination?

Today was lesson #1 of the Hermina Batwings class at the shop. Today was a day for stitching things we can not see. BLACK! OK, I must be getting old. Black bats, black cats, black hat and then the face, green on green.

I really do like her face;  it's one ply of silk in the same yummy green color she was painted.  One ply allows the pink of her cheeks to gently show through.  I'm never happy with the blending of thread colors in such a small space so very light coverage allows the blush on her cheeks to show through. 

The bats have a fun little pattern worked in 2 different black threads that moves quickly and looks good.

Next lesson, I promise lots and lots of color!
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